Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My First NARS Eyeshadow - Lhasa

I've only recently become a big fan of NARS since trying and loving a few of their "cult" products such as their lipgloss in Turkish Delight, blush in Orgasm and bronzer in Laguna. These are three of my most-used products and have become staples in my daily make-up routine. Since I've been so impressed with everything I've tried so far, I knew my next dip in the NARS pool was going to be sooner rather than later!
Low and behold -
NARS Eyeshadow in Lhasa (Spring 2012 Collection)
I've heard some amazing things about NARS eyeshadows with some even claiming that they are better quality than that of MAC shadows. So you know, I just had to pop that cherry and see for myself!
Lhasa is described as a "shimmering lavender grey" now I'm useless at describing shades but I think that's pretty accurate. I'd say its a neutral grey/taupe-ish colour which leans purple/lavender with a gorgeous subtle shimmer. I'm not sure how well that comes across in the swatch! As I expected, the texture and pigmentation of the shadow is fantastic and has great staying power (around 8+ hours!)

Available here from ASOS for £17 (or £15.30 with 10% student discount)
Also available from NARS online, NARS counters or SpaceNK!

I really want to get another and would love if you could recommend me your favourite NARS eyeshadow,
 wither it be a single, duo or trio :)

Nicola x

Monday, 27 February 2012

You're My Cuppycake

Happy Monday my lovelies♥ (can't believe that dreaded day is here already!)
I thought I would pop up a quick post to show you a cute lil accessorie I found for my bedroom. I'm always checking out the "home" section in shops to see what pretty/girly things I can find to decorate!
On Saturday I made a visit to good ole Primark since I hadn't been in such a long time. I wasn't looking for anything in particular and (as per usual) nothing seemed to catch my eye in the clothing sections. So before leaving I toddled over to the home section, had a rummage around and found this cute Strawberry Cupcake candle for £2.50
I picked up 2 so I can sit one on both my bedside tables.
The candle inside smells absolutely gorgeous and fruity but I think it's far too pretty to burn. If I ever decide to, I think that after they have burned out they will make nice little holders for things (I dunno, kirby grips, bobbles and stuff?)

Nicola x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Recent Buys!

Hey little lovelies
BIG thank you to everyone for following me and getting me to the 200 mark, I love y'all!
I haven't done a "haul" type post in quite a while so I thought I'd show you my most recent buys from over the past week or so. I'm supposed to be on a spending ban but as usual it's not going very well.
I've wanted to try out the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman (a.k.a Pixiwoo on YouTube!) ever since they were realised however they weren't so easy to get.
I'm sure, at first, they were only available from Ulta in the US and from a UK website, Love Makeup.
They have recently been launched in Boots stores so I marched on down to my local to pick up the Stippling brush which is proving to be pretty popular among bloggers. I've yet to try it out as I only got it the other day but I've heard such great things about it that I'm thinking it may replace my much loved Sigma F82 for foundation!
Real Techniques Stippling Brush is £11.99 and available in most Boots!
The Body Shop body butters are one of my holy grail products. They are incredibly moisturising, easy to rub in and they dry in quickly without leaving you sticky. Then there's the fact that they leave your skin smelling bloody AMAZING! My favourite scents are the Coconut, Strawberry and Mango but I recently picked up the NEW Chocomania Exclusive Edition Body Butter which was released for Valentines Day (I think) It smells like chocolate brownie and is so sweet and heavenly!
I also got the Lip Butter and Shower Gel versions and they are gorgeous aswell.
I can't find it on The Body Shop website so I'm unsure if it's still available.
The Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes are a recent release in the US and after seeing them feature in a few blog posts and YouTube video's I was quite excited to try them. As they're not available in the UK yet I had to hunt one down on eBay and I chose the shade Pink Frosting, a basic pinky coral shade. The texture of these bad boys are so strange, it's like memory foam!
I've been switching and trying out different foundations for a while but I decided to go back and pick up my all-time favourite in a lighter shade (I'm so pale right now!)
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Cream Ivory
Available here or in store for £33 from Laura Mercier at House of Fraser
I decided it was time to pick up a new concealer as the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. I picked up the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Ivory as I've heard amazing things about it. I had to get the concealer on it's own as they didn't have my shade left to get the kit with the setting powder. I think I'm going to get the Corrector to go with it next time I'm in town!
Available here or in store for £17 from Bobbi Brown at John Lewis.
I FINALLY remembered to take my empties to do my first Back2Mac (this is when you take back 6 empty MAC products, eyeshadow pots, powders etc. and exchange them for a free lipstick!) Since it was free in a sense I decided to be brave and pick up a bright red shade. I choose MAC Red, a satin finish lipstick which is described as a "vivid bright blueish red" which I love and can't believe I've been such a wimp and never braved a red until now!
I also got sent an e-mail from MAC with a code to get the new Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick before it became available, so I ordered straight away, as you do!
MAC Lipsticks are available from MAC counters or online here for £13.50

Last but certainly not least....
I picked up some Bioderma after seeing Vivianna rave about it on her blog. This is a bloody wonder product let me tell you, it's fantastic and removes make-up so easily and is extremely gentle! I'm not totally clued up on this product but as far as I'm aware it's only available in France and pretty hard to get your mitts on over here. I got it from THIS eBay seller for an excellent price of £12.90 (plus £3.30 p+p) and super fast shipping!

If you want to see a separate and more in-depth post on any of these products, just leave a comment and let me know :)

Nicola x

Magic Mushroom

Hey everyone
Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I've been a bit busy and just felt like a little break was needed. Oh and hello to all my new followers, I've gained a fair few in the past week or so and I can't believe I'm almost at 200 already - thank you!
Anyway, I'm back with a little Lush post to get myself into the swing of things again.

Lush - Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
"Magic Mushroom's bright red top is scented with our famous Vanillary fragrance, while his white stem smells of strawberries, making a yummy strawberries and cream combo that'll give piles of fruity bathtime bubbles."

The other day, after a crazy hard shift at work, I was feeling pretty horrible, stressed and just generally fed up, so I thought a nice relaxing bubble bath would be a prefect curer. I had recently picked up the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar from Lush which was part of their Valentines collection (my nearest shop still had loads left - hurry and grab some!)
Scented with Vanilla and Strawberry, this scrumptious little bubble maker is without a doubt my all time favourite bath product, why oh why does it have to be limited edition? The best products always are.
I plopped it under the warm running tap and watched as it created lots and lots of creamy red bubbles and filled the bathroom with a delicious strawberry and cream scent.

The scent stayed around for ages which I absolutely loved.
I hate when a smelly product doesn't last on the skin or fill the room but this did!

Available online here "Last Chance To Buy" for £2.45 and limited stock in Lush stores!

Nicola x

Monday, 6 February 2012

MAC Naturally - MSF "Blonde"

The second of the two products I got from the recent MAC Naturally collection -
Mineralize Skin Finish in Blonde
Mineralize Skin Finishes are by far my all time favourite products from MAC, with Soft & Gentle being my go-to highlight and the first MAC item I ever hit pan on and the only one to completely use up!
When I saw that they were releasing MSFs with the new collection I knew I was going to snap one up
(now wishing I got both but are already sold out online!)
Both shades released are re-promotes from a previous collection which originally had three shades - Blonde, Redhead and Brunette. I have no idea why they didn't re-promote all three in this collection. Strange. I decided to go for the cool toned shade "Blonde" which is a soft pink to rose gradient. I like that you can use each little section on its own, or swirl it all together to create a gorgeous shimmery pink!
When the shades are swirled together I think it makes a perfect blush colour which I plan on trying out today. I like that MSFs are sort of multi-purpose as you can use them for a highlight, a blush or even an eyeshadow.

I'm quite proud that I managed to settle for only 2 products out of the whole collection but I am starting to get the urge to pop one or two of the mineralize eye shadows into my basket!

Nicola x

MAC Naturally - Mineralize Blush "Subtle Breeze"

While I was on holiday last week, the new MAC Naturally Collection was released. I HAD to place a quick online order using my iPhone (which I wasn't supposed to be using at all while away - been there, done that and came home to a massive bill!) So I quickly ordered only ordered 2 products, one of which being...
Mineralize Blush in Subtle Breeze
Described online by MAC as a "blue pink" the description is pretty much perfect. I was initially attracted to the peachy/apricot coloured blush but with my pale skin tone I didn't think it would work. I took the safest bet and chose this gorgeous pink!
This is my first mineralize blush from MAC as I've always been a little worried that they would be overly shimmery when I personally prefer a matte finish. However I found the shine in this to be quite subtle giving a gorgeous natural glow. The formula is really soft, blends like a dream and the colour is perfect for my skin tone!
Cue horrendous holiday freckles.
Have you bought anything from the new collections?

Nicola x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NARS Blush/Bronzer Trio

I've recently been after a new bronzer and NARS Laguna seemed the likely candidate. 
However whilst on my search I remembered this product which I had seen pop up in someone's YT video's a while back
(I cannot for the life of me remember who!) 
The NARS Blush, Bronzer & Highlighting Trio

The gorgeous trio consists of the famous and popular
Orgasm blush (5g)
Albatross highlighting powder (2.7g) 
and of course what I was originally after,
Laguna bronzer (7.3g)
The trio comes packaged in a little zip case which I sort of prefer to the normal NARS packaging, even though it gets dirty with make-up finger prints just as easily. It is really good for travel as you don't have to pack an individual blush, bronzer and highlight as you've got 3 gorgeous products all here in one!

The blush is absolutely an absolutely gorgeous peachy/pink colour and is beautiful as I'm sure you are all aware of. I own it individually and it is by far my most loved and used blush. 
As for the highlight I didn't have high hopes for as I've genuinely not heard anything about it online, no raving reviews or mentions at all...one question - WHY? It's such a stunning highlight I'd expect more people to love it. I'm so tempted to buy it in full size (I must refrain!!!)
I've heard such good things about this bronzer and I know it's a favourite amongst a lot of people, hence why I was pretty desperate to try it. It does contain slight shimmer but it doesn't make you look like a glittery disco ball, it gives a gorgeous bronzed glow to the skin. And I love that you almost get the full size product in this little trio (full size 8g, trio size 7.3g)
Unfortunately I'm not aware of the availability of this product. I got mines from Amazon.co.uk but I know that it is now out of stock. For some reason you can view it here on the NARS website but it doesn't seem available to buy.
I think it's easier to get hold of in the US.

Nicola x